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Instructions on filling the Gift Aid form

Please complete the form in English. 

About your organisation – current information held by HMRC

For Questions 1-5 enter the current details for your organisation already held by HMRC. 

  • Question 2 asks for your HMRC Charities reference number. This is the reference your organisation was given when it registered as a charity for Tax Purposes. It can be found either on your HMRC Charities Online account, or on any letters your organisation has received from HMRC. It usually starts with one or two letters followed by some numbers, such as AB12345. NB. This is not your Charity Commission registration number.
  • On Question 5 you must enter the premises or office address for your charity, if you have one. If your charity is a company, you must give the registered office address here. If your charity does not have offices or premises please enter a contact address and repeat this information in box 6.

Contact details

You must fill out your contact details here, even if your details have not changed since your last communication with HMRC. Enter the address, phone number and email address you want HMRC to use. This is how HMRC will contact your authorised official with any questions, and the address to which any notifications will be sent.

Please note however that if your Organisation has a Business and a Correspondence address, any notifications will be sent to the business address. If there are posting problems at the business address eg no letter box, you may wish to consider changing the business address to the correspondence address.

You must fill in questions 6 and 7 before you print off the form.

About the changes

This section is used to tell HMRC about the information you want to change or about new information. Please fill in the section with the details listed below. Leave all other boxes blank. We will fill those out!

  • Question 36: Name of the individual or organization

Maanch Limited 

  • Question 39: Address (if an individual, enter their home address)

40 Conduit Street, Floor 2

London, W1S 2YQ

United Kingdom

  • Question 40: Daytime phone number including international dialing code if outside the UK


  • Question 44: National Identity card number (If outside the UK) or company registration number

Company registration number – 11336422  

  • Question 46. Do you want this nominee to receive repayments on behalf of your organisation?


[NB: This is to insure that the money we claim on your behalf is immediately transferred to your bank-account]


The declaration must be signed by two people from your organisation with the role of authorised official or responsible person who were in post before the changes were made. The declaration must not be signed by a nominee, collection agency, or agent.

When you’ve completed this form

When you have completed the form you need to tick the boxes in the table to show which sections of the form you have completed. 

  • Please tick the box for: Changes to nominees and collection agency details.

Once the form has been completed, check it carefully. Any missing or incorrect information may cause a delay or rejection from HMRC.

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