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How do you measure impact?

The platform produces three auto-generated impact reports (Maanch Metrics), for each project uploaded as well as an overall impact profile for the organisation. The reports are:

— SDG Profile: For each project, we ask Receivers to input detailed information on the Topics their work addresses, and the specific actions the organisation will take to implement it. From these inputs, we generate a bespoke SDG profile.

— Five Pillars Graph: This graph is generated using our algorithms, which compute how the Topics, SDGs and Pillars are linked. We display an aggregated global graph, and a graph relating to the geography of the project, demonstrating which pillars the individual project is achieving, and to what extent. The graph also highlights the wider global impact of the project.

— Needs Intensity Score: This calculation shows the intensity of need in the geography of the project, in relation to the topics that the project is addressing. We look across national and global needs for improvement. The higher the score, the greater the need.

For more information on the metrics we use to generate our impact reports click here.

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