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Maanch Fundraising Guidelines

(Most of this information will have to be filled in when registering and publishing a new project on the Maanch Platform)

  1. Name of the person organising and publishing your project 
  2. If the money raised is for a specific purpose/ or for the person receiving it to use as they see fit:
    1. If the money is raised for a charitable institution and will be used for a specific purpose: fundraisers must contact the charitable institution to make sure they are aware and happy to receive the money for this purpose. 
    2. What the target of the project will be (if this applies: this might be a time target or a financial target.)
  3. If the fundraiser is raising money on behalf of or for a charitable institution (if this applies, please enter the name of the charitable institution.)
  4. How people can donate to your project (where relevant, alternative ways of donating to the appeal and ways to increase donations through Gift Aid.)
  5. What deductions of the money raised will be made for expenses.
  6. What the fundraiser will do with the money if:
    1. they do not raise enough to meet their target; 
    2. they raise more than their target; or
    3. the original purpose for which they are asking for donations is no longer valid for any reason.
  7. In the case where you are raising money for a cause with no identified charitable institution:
    1.  a personal crowdfunding appeal may itself need to be registered as a charity with the relevant regulatory body; and
    2. if you are a charity, the appeal will need to meet the legal requirements for public benefit.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at info@maanch.com

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